T Evans (wk) c Purves B b Perves M 37   Fleming A 7 2 16 2
A Foster  b Fleming A 12   O’Neill P 5 1 25 1
B Copeman c Purves A b Fleming A 6   Veira 5 0 25 0
R White c Purves W b Purves M 25   Purves M 9 1 29 2
B Ward b Bates 0   Bates 6 0 20 2
D Foster c Fleming T b O’Neill F 24   Purves B 5 1 17 2
E De Silva c O’Neill b Bates 1   O’Neill F 5 1 23 1
J Ireland c Fleming T b Purves B 14            
S Swainson (c) lbw Purves B 8            
S Bennison not out 6            
I Marshall b O’Neill P 0            

Extras (w 3,nb 8, b 5,lb 2)        18

Total                                     162 



T Fleming c Foster D b White 45   Bennison 6 1 25 0
W Purves (wk) b Marshall 73   Ireland 6 0 50 0
M Purves not out 15   Foster D 4 1 13 0
A Down not out 21   White 7 0 25 1
B Purves      Marshall 4 0 36 1
S Phillips (c)     Foster A .5 0 9 0
F O’Neill      did not bat              
A Fleming              
K Bates              
D Veira              
P O’Neil               

Extras (w 1,b 8)                    9

Total                                  163-2


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Trevor Evans and Alan Foster got the Ramblers off to a brisk start until the latter got a shooter, to be succeeded by Ben Copeman whose forays at expansive driving before too long induced a catch behind in the 11th over. With 68 scored in the first hour, Evans and Roger White continued with a useful stand, but then both went caught within a run of each other, the board then showing 93-3 – a reasonable base for a respectable score, however two quick wickets changed matters, so half the side now out for 100. Fortunately a stand of 42 by the elegant Doug Foster and positive Joe Ireland restored some momentum and the score advanced, but by the time 150 was reached both had gone. After a brief foray from the captain, and an elegant and undefeated knock from Simon Bennison the innings closed on 162 after 42 overs. 

The Emeriti openers proceeded untroubled and passed 100 in the 18th over, with bowling changes having little impact. Then the deserving White got a wicket from a fine catch at long on by Doug Foster, followed shortly after by Ian Marshall bowling the other opener, but with 129 then on the board and lots of overs and time left the outcome was predictable – a very comfortable win for Emeriti.  

Nonetheless, as always, an enjoyable match in a long standing fixture. The bottom line is that the Ramblers didn’t get enough runs to challenge Seb Phillips very capable visiting team.

Old Georgian's Association -v- Sydenhurst Ramblers
Match Report
As a result of persistent rain, which started at 8am and continued all day, the match at St George's was abandoned without a ball being bowled.
Greatly to their credit, both teams turned up, knowing that cricket was impossible.  St George's provided generous hospitality in the Old Boy's Club and a splendid lunch in the pavilion, followed by presentations.
This was to have been the very last match that Malcolm Hooker and Christopher Terry would have organised in the UK.  For this rather special match, Malcolm's brother, John, flew in from Guernsey.  19 of the Terry family turned up to support, the only one's missing were Jonathan Snr, who is sailing in the Mediterranean and Jimmy who is looking after Brougham Hall.
The team for the day would have been as attached.
We now look forward to the possibility of touring St Helena in May 2016, subject to the airport being open on schedule. 
The matches on 28 Jul v Hampshire Hogs, on
31 Jul v Kenya Kongonis, and on 2 Aug v Hampshire Maniacs are all cancelled.



R Williams c Plaha b Bedi S     36                                Plaha            6    0  38  0
S Phillips b Bedi S                   67                               Chappell M   4    0  30  0
A Foster c Sohi b Bedi R        75                                 Bedi S          7    0  42  2
D Foster  NOT OUT               62                                Greaves        7    0  38  0
W Kreihn NOT OUT                       7                         Chappell S     3    0  31  0
H Ward                                                                     Sohi R          4    0  38  0
S Swainson                                                                Bedi R          6.2  1  28  1
C Oosthuizen   DID NOT BAT                                     Sohi I           2    0   6  0
J Oosthuizen
H Williams
S Bennison

 Extras (w 3, nb 1, lb 5)                  9 

 TOTAL                                     256-3d   

109-2, 110-1, 249-3


V Rathore c Williams R b Oosthuizen C 15                          Oosthuizen C   8    2  28  1
I Sohi  retired out                              103                          Williams          4    0  40  0
A Virsi c Phillips b Ward                     10                           Ward              3    0  23  1
R Bedi b Foster D                              42                            Bennison        4    0  47  0
R Sohi c Ward b Foster A                   32                            Oosthuizen J   4    0  51  0
M Chappell c & b Foster D                 15                            Foster D        5.5  1  31  2
J Plaha NOT OUT                              18                            Foster A        4    0  38  1
S Bedi NOT OUT                                5
S Chappell     DID NOT BAT
K Greaves     DID NOT BAT
J Greaves      DID NOT BAT 

Extras (w 10, b 12, lb 2)                     24

TOTAL                                           262-6 

35-1, 63-3, 181-3, 227-5, 243-6 

At Sunbury’s splendidly appointed ground, a high scoring match largely as a result of a good pitch, a short boundary on one side, and persistent short bowling by both teams. The Ramblers won the toss and decided to bat and openers Seb Phillips and Rob Williams confidently reached 100 in 16 overs before both departed. Numbers 3 and 4 Alan and Doug Foster reunited on the cricket field for the first time since the Corfu tour also put on a stylish and on occasions flamboyant 100 together. With play being held up for 35 minutes due to rain, the declaration came in the 40th over, with what looked like a competitive target. Sunbury chased confidently and quickly and wickets were hard to come by, and although their progress was slowed by good spells by Cameron Oosthuizen and Doug Foster in the end they came home comfortably by 4 wickets with three overs to spare.



S Swainson b Eyez                     21                                    Yadav        8    0  37  2
S Phillips b Ayub                        78                                    Eyez          8    1  33  1
W Kriehn lbw Page                      0                                     Page          5    0  27  1
A Foster c Stokes b Sumner        16                                    Ayub          9    1  44  2
H Ward c Lane b Ayub               18                                    Sumner       8    2  35  2
B Ward lbw Smith                      15                                    Smith          3    1  18  1
S Oakes c Lane b Sumner             4
R Chibisa b Yadav                     31
T Oakes lbw Yadav                     7
C Oosthuizen run out                   2
J Oosthuizen NOT OUT               0 

Extras  (w 3, nb 2, b 12, lb 4)     21                                      

TOTAL                                   213

60-1, 61-3, 107-5, 139-4, 150-4, 160-2, 182-6, 213-9, 213-10, 213-8 


J Lane c Phillips b Kriehn                 14                            Oosthuizen C  7    2  34  1
M Blake c Foster b Oosthuizen C        0                              Oakes S       5    0  23  0
A Ramjag RUN OUT                       45                                Kriehn        6    2  21  1
A Stokes c Chibisa b Oosthuizen J     41                                Chibisa       3    0  31  0
A Smith b Oosthuizen J                      0                               Oosthuizen J  5    0  25  2
V Yadav NOT OUT                         87                               Oakes T       6.5  1  50  2
R Lashwayo b Oakes T                      4                                Ward H        2    0  28  0
S Ayub c & b Oakes T                      0
C Page NOT OUT                            8

Extras (w 11, nb 2, b 2)                   15

TOTAL                                        214-7

 1-2, 36-1, 107-4, 108-5, 122-3, 144-7, 162-8

Set against the imposing backdrop of Charterhouse School, Simon Swainson won the toss and decided to bat. Fellow opener Seb Phillips set about the acquisition of runs with fine drives and one particularly deft reverse sweep and reached a fine successive half century. Despite threatening a large total – batters starting to get in but then departing, it was only a typically audacious flurry from Richard Chibisa that brought a reasonably respectable score, sufficient to set Nomads 5 an over. With wickets being taken regularly by the Ramblers, aided by good catching, a win always seemed on the cards, but uninhibited striking by Yadav prevented this and the visitors came home with 3 overs remaining.




J Straker c Janardanaan b Wood   21    Wise        12    4  31  0
J Lowe c Mitchell b Wood              7   Wood         8    2  20  2
J Prynne c Bushe b Mitchell           6    Mitchell       9    3  21  3
J Hamilton retired hurt                  35   Nathervani   3    0  11  0
D Prynne run out                           9   Burgess        5    0  34  0
R Chibisa c Wise b Baty                 6   Baty            6.3  0  32  3
D Wrenn c Kandasamy b Baty       15
S Swainson c ?  b Mitchell            11
S Oakes st Bushe b Baty              17
T Oakes c Burgess b Mitchell         1
S Wilson not out                           1

w 18, nb 2, b 4, lb 3                    27

TOTAL:                                   156-9



N Kandasamy c Swainson b Oakes T                  22    Wrenn       7    1  20  0
R Janardanaan b Wilson                                      0    Wilson       7    3  15  2
G Burgess c Chibisa b Wilson                            22    Oakes T     7    1  24  2
B George c Prynne J b Prynne D                        14    Prynne D    7    0  30  3
D Kanagarajah c Wrenn b Oakes T                      2    Chibisa       3    3   0  1
M Nathervani not out                                        13    Oakes S     2.4  0   5  2
G Mitchell c Chibisa b Prynne D                           0
M Wood c & b Prynne D                                   10
C Wise c Swainson b Chibisa                              0
D Baty c & b Oakes S                                        0
A Bushe lbw Oakes S                                         0

w 9, nb 2, b 9, lb 1                                          21

TOTAL                                                          104


On an overcast day at Betchworth, for the first home based match of the season, the team met for pre-match lunch and drinks at the Red Lion next door to the ground, and the opportunity taken to welcome back James Straker and family on a visit from Miami. Having just finished lunch in time to allow for a marginally respectable start at 2.15, the home team put the Ramblers in.

Old friends James Straker and Fred Lowe started steadily, with the former, despite now being more familiar with a baseball bat, conjuring five boundaries in a brisk knock. The rather grassy track with uneven bounce was proving quite difficult, and progress was sedate rather than dashing, with only 51 on the board after 20 overs (and despite a modicum of elegance from John Prynne). Some acceleration was clearly needed and this was provided in brief but delicious vignettes from David Prynne, Richard Chibisa and Dan Wrenn, supported the while at the other end by skipper John Hamilton – who unfortunately then had to retire having pulled not one but both hamstrings. The scoring rate then necessarily picked with some lusty striking and hard running from Simons Swainson and Oakes. With the close on 156 after 43.3 overs, the general view at that point was that another 20/30 runs would have made the match situation more comfortable.

After an excellent tea, and with scorer/super sub Brian Davenport taking the field in lieu of the skipper, the contrasting styles of Dan Wrenn and Simon ‘Guns’ Wilson took the ball, with early success for the latter with his big inswing inducing a ‘play on’. Wrenn supported quickly and well but without success – a fact noted then and later with some relish by his team mates. The Pilgrims progressed reasonably comfortably and after 18 overs when the last 20 began were on 44-2, therefore needing between 5 and 6 an over. At 81-5 with 13 overs left they were still in touch, but Tim Oakes and David Prynne (whose spell got better and better the longer he bowled) had been whittling the wickets away - supported by really good catching, and continued to do so in their 7 over spells. With 7 wickets down and the score on 91 the coup de grace was then administered by Simon Oakes and Richard Chibisa with 5 overs to spare and a 52 run margin.


     A Ramblers party with a number of tour debutants gathered at Stansted on 21st May, and at Heathrow on the 23rd for adventure number 20, this time to Greece, in particular to the island of Corfu. The ‘advance party’ of five left a couple of days earlier to have more holiday time on the island before the  cricket began. 17 more flew in on the Saturday, via Athens, to join the others, to be met by our splendid host Nikos Louvros of Cricket Corfu. So it was a party of 22 that were then lodged at the Cavalieri Hotel, itself a very convenient few minutes walk from the centre of Old Corfu Town and the venue of the first match. The first port of call on arrival was the outstanding rooftop bar on the top of the hotel where cold beers were seen off with alacrity. That vital matter having been addressed it was off to local restaurant the Bougenvillia and an early introduction to the first class Greek food and drink, including kleftiko, calamari, safritso and so on – and some very decent house red.

    Sunday 24th began with a leisurely morning and lunch, prior to the late afternoon 20/20 match v Atlas CC at the historic Liston Platea ground. Without much knowledge of relative standards, skipper John Hamilton chose to bat on the ‘interesting’ and small ground - in terms of conditions. Graham Boxall and Doug Foster it was who opened up against some benign bowling with the required plastic ball (a safety requirement for nearby local onlookers not versed in cricket). The pair having had a look then advanced the score to 82 before, in the 13th over, Foster was caught behind, to be replaced by Richard Chibisa whose first scoring shot, inimitably, was a 6. Boxall was by now well into his stride and and continued to pepper the car park (some of it part of the outfield) and café society lounging on the other side, and eventually went for 107 out of 168 (16 4s and 3 6s) – his 6th tour 100. It included 34 off an over from the hapless Papapopolous. Lively support continued at the other end from Chibisa and a finishing cameo from Rob Ward allowed a total of 185-4, with Dom Childs contributing a rugged red-inker. After tea, Atlas began their response but quickly fell prey to opening bowlers Harrison Ward and Alan Foster each with two wickets, followed up by David Powell and Mario Picceri with three and one respectively, so that with batter 11 Koronakis deciding (arguably wisely) to go home early, the 9th wicket fell at 19 to a run out – a winning margin for the Ramblers of 166 runs. After the first fines session at the rooftop bar, managed faultlessly by Terry Boxall, with 3 year old Louis collecting the readies, it was off to another splendid restaurant for dinner.


G Boxall c ? b Bekios M 107 Orammenoe 4 0 180 1
D Foster c ? b Tsakarakis 20 Koronakis 4 0 32 1
RChibisa c ? Orammenoe  29 Tsagarakis 4 0 23 1
R Ward c ? Koronakis 13 Bekios M 4 0 26 1
D Childs not out   2 Papapapoulos 2 0 48 0
A Foster did not bat     Bekios L 2 0 33 0
B Ward did not bat              
H Ward did not bat              
D Powell did not bat              
J Hamilton did not bat              
M Picceri did not bat              
Extras w6, nb3 b5 14          

Total 185-4


Tzoras b Foster 3 Ward H 3 1 2 2
Tsagarakis b Ward H 0 Foster 3 1 2 2
Orammenoe b Ward H 0 Powell 3 1 10 3
Bekios L lbw Powell 5 Picceri 3 1 5 1
Kontoulis b Foster 0 Ward B .5 0 0 0
Pranos c Hamilton b Powell 2          
Parapopoulos c Picceri b Powell 1          
Bekios M not out   2          
Moraitis c Picceri b Picceri 0          
Kolovos run out   6          
Koronakis absent              
Extras 0 0          

Total 19-9

  It was straight into match 2 on Monday 25th, and a very different scenario. Although scheduled to be against Hellas CC, the match was in fact against a Corfu Select XI at Gouvia Marina, a few miles up the coast and a good sized ground. After a presentation from the Chairman of the Hellenic Cricket Federation and pleasantries exchanged, business began. In a 35 over a side match, the toss was won again and the Ramblers batted, this time with David Coles and Rob Ward starting. Against a much better attack than the day before, progress was cautious, and wickets fell – 28-3 after 10 overs and 43-4 after 17 when Graham Boxall went. An excellent stand of 84 followed, albeit not a rapid one, by Ben Ward and an increasingly fluent Doug Foster, who remained undefeated with 76, supported by vignettes from Richard Chibisa and Harrison Ward and an unreasonably urgently run knock by John Hamilton. The innings closed on 187-8. Corfu Select started briskly and were soon ahead of the required rate, only losing their first wicket at 71 after 10 overs to a stumping by Hamilton off Boxall. This double act secured a second wicket (to allow Graham to draw level with Chris Terry’s 37 tour wickets) but it was too late to make a real difference. Some catches were put down during the innings and some variable bowling arguably made the difference; in the end the home team came through comfortably in the 23rd over to win by 8 wickets. Post match it was a short walk to Zorba’s (who else’s) restaurant for dinner and fines, with, as entertainment, live music by a trio and a local hound attaching itself to the tour manager, only to be distracted by a local cat (you had to be there). After vast helpings of food it was off in the coach once more and back to the hotel.


D Coles c Katehis b Nikokavouvras 6  Nikokavouvras 7 1 39 1
R Ward c Katehis b Demsias 14 Souvlakis 7 1 35 1
D Childs b Demsias 0 Asir 3 0 8 0
G Boxall c Souvlakis b Manoosis 12 Demsias 3 1 5 2
B Ward b Calouvrio 33 Manoosis 3 1 9 1
D Foster not out   76 Boozis 3 0 17 1
R Chibisa c ? b Souvlakis 6 Laroof 4 0 34 1
H Ward c ? b Boozis 12 Calouvrio 3 0 16 1
J Hamilton c ? b Laroof 16 Moly 2 0 24 0
A Foster not out   2          
M Picceri did not bat              
Extras w9,nb1 10          

Total 187-8


Moly st Hamilton b Boxall 23 Ward H 3 0 24 0
Nikokavouvras st Hamilton b Boxall 81 Chibisa 3 0 28 0
Souvlakis not out   26 Picerri 6 0 44 0
Manoosis not out   12 Boxall 7 0 47 2
Larakafitios     Foster 2 0 18 0
Katehis     Foster D 1 0 7 0
Demsias     Childs 0.4 0 18 0
Extras w8,nb2,b3 13          

Total 188-2
71-1, 134-2
   Tuesday was the ‘free day’ for people to do their own thing, but as it happened the excellent Nikos had arranged a special lunch followed by a boat trip. The lunch was wonderful freshly made tsatsiki and calamari, followed by just caught and perfectly grilled dorado fish with Greek salad, accompanied by some tolerably nice white. Then a few yards walk to the Calypso, a glass bottomed boat, for an hour’s submarine viewing and sea lion display; all very entertaining. The by now established ritual of meeting at the rooftop bar and dinner saw the evening taken care of.

Wednesday was the day for the looked forward to third and final match again at Gouvia Marina, this time against Byron CC. The party set off early to take advantage of the swimming pool at the Marina on what looked like being a warm, pleasant day. As the time for the match got nearer however, the clouds started to gather and a torrential downpour followed, making it quite impossible to play a match, A great pity – especially as it turned out it hadn’t rained anywhere else on the island. As it was the last full day it was time for the tour dinner – but before setting off everyone met as usual at the rooftop bar with it’s fantastic views, for some bracers and presentations. The dinner was a short walk away in the town at the Pipisteria, sitting outside under awnings, and was yet another fine Greek meal, with as tradition demanded, all the men wearing their
 Ramblers ties, and with the ladies, as always, glamorous to a fault. With the final fines session at the end conducted with verve by Steve Andow, and collected with by now great expertise and enthusiasm by Louis Boxall, it was back once more for a final drink (or two) at the hotel. 

It was sadly time to leave on Thursday after what had been a very pleasant few days in an especially friendly place, and with all the new tourists appearing to enjoy themselves thoroughly. All in all, pretty much what a Ramblers tour is expected and supposed to be. 

Kevin Lillis, Doug Foster, Ben Ward, Brian Davenport, Maggie Hamilton, Alison Ward, Harrison Ward, Rob Ward, Steve Andow, David Coles, Dom Childs, Gill Mortensen, John Hamilton, Jo Coughlan, Terry Boxall, Rosemary Lillis, Louis Boxall, Richard Chibisa, Graham Boxall, Mario Picceri, David Powell, Alan Foster


Standing : Brian Davenport, David Coles, Graham Boxall, Rosemary Lillis, David Powell, John Hamilton, Mario Picceri, Harrison Ward, Dom Childs, Kevin Lillis
Kneeling : Doug Foster, Ben Ward, Alan Foster, Rob Ward, Richard Chibisa, Steve Andow
Seated : Gill Mortensen, Terry Boxall (and Louis), Alison Ward, Maggie Hamilton  (not in picture : Jo Coughlan) 


Standing : Brian Davenport, David Coles, Graham Boxall, David Powell, John Hamilton, Mario Picceri, Harrison Ward, Dom Childs
Kneeling : Doug Foster, Ben Ward, Alan Foster, Rob Ward, Richard Chibisa